Unique collaboration between your products/services and Heiando's Urushi lacquerware.

Traditional Urushi lacquerware is regularly used as tableware. Now Heiando America proposes a number of creative ways to use them. Let us add new values to your products/services through collaboration with the traditional arts of Urushi lacquerware.

ADVANTAGES of Collaboration

  • 01

    Saving and Sharing the Costs. Working together with more than two companies will save the initial costs to each company.

  • 02

    Attracting New Customers.
    Collaboration will help attract those customers who are interested in your collaborating company.

  • 03

    Breaking New Ground. Collaboration will offer element of surprise to your brand image and likely lead to larger sales.

  • 04

    Strengthening Brand Equity. Unique collaboration will likely be featured and help increase the brand visibility and awareness.

Frans Chocolate and Heiando Ameraca Collaboration

Heiando's lacquer boxes and bowls are used for Fran's Chocolates' Specialty Collection.

For inquiries regarding collaboration, please contact us.