Unique collaboration between your products/services and Heiando's Urushi lacquerware.

Traditional Urushi lacquerware is regularly used as tableware. Now Heiando America proposes a number of creative ways to use them. Let us add new values to your products/services through collaboration with the traditional arts of Urushi lacquerware.

Actively Seeking Business Partners

For inquiries regarding collaboration,please contact us.

ADVANTAGES of Collaboration

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  • 01

    Saving and Sharing the Costs. Working together with more than two companies will save the initial costs to each company.

  • 02

    Attracting New Customers.
    Collaboration will help attract those customers who are interested in your collaborating company.

  • 03

    Breaking New Ground. Collaboration will offer element of surprise to your brand image and likely lead to larger sales.

  • 04

    Strengthening Brand Equity. Unique collaboration will likely be featured and help increase the brand visibility and awareness.

Examples of Collaboration

  • Fran's Chocolates®

    Heiando's Urushi boxes and bowls are used for Fran's Chocolates'Specialty Collection.

  • Surratt Beauty®

    Heiando's Urushi boxes are used for Surratt’s Lid Lacquer collection.

  • Sushi Nakazawa

    Nakazawa use Urushi plates as Sushi plates when they serve sushi.

  • Sushi Kashiba©

    There is a signboard which is coated by Urushi at the entrance.

  • Sushi Kappo Tamura

    Tamura use Urushi plates and bowls when they serve Japanesefood.

  • Chopard®

    We made a limited edition Chopard watch face.


    We paint Urushi on HOUSE OF AMBER jewelry.


    We made a limited edition SEIKO CREDOR watch face.

  • Yoshitoku®

    We provide the stand for Kabuto, which is a traditional Japanesehelmet.