Our activities and why we decided to launch this project

We eschewed the idea of clinging to the old ways, and adopted as our motto: Preservation and Innovation, which became the basis of our collaborations in the U.S. Some notable examples are urushi and chocolate, and urushi and cosmetics. Urushi need not be a craft of bygone days; it has a place in contemporary times. We want to share with you all the new ways in which this ancient craft can come to life, along with its long history and its value in Japanese society.

Why this project?

Our goal in launching this book project is to detail urushi’s history and its production process, and to reveal the magnificence of urushi ware created by the masters. We hope the book gives readers a feel for urushi’s essence. Our goal is for readers to find urushi's intangible aspects just as fascinating as the finished product. Also, a bookmark included as an appendix will give readers a chance to “feel” urushi.

Why do we need funding?

The money we raise here will be used to cover the expenses for publishing the book. We have prepared some gifts for you to thank you for your contribution.


Urushi is a gift from history, passed on from one generation to the next. Once the historical line is broken, there is no way back. That is why we feel a strong sense of duty to preserve and protect the art of urushi for future generations. Urushi is a natural, earth-friendly paint that can play a role in protecting the future of our earth. You can make this happen with your contribution. We hope you will support us in this effort.

Request for your support

This project cannot succeed without your help. We need the cooperation of many to make this happen. We hope you will pass this on to as many of your friends and connections as possible. Thank you very much!